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Friday, November 9, 2007

taking Etsy on the road...

before i left for a cross-country road trip i had a spurt of Etsy sales. I decided to try and take Etsy on the road with me, then, putting together a small studio and some designs i could easily do using only an AC inverter in my car cigarette lighter, an extension cord, a dremel, and a few simple tools.

To be quite honest, i was thankful the sales came to a stop for a bit - my work has kept me so busy i hadn't had time for jewelry until today, but today i'm making my first "on the road" order.

crazy to think that necklace is only going an hour and a half away to San Francisco - what timing! I'm borrowing my sweet man's place for the afternoon to get away from work and have some personal time to sink back into my creativity and create another personalized braille pendant.

These have been doing quite well, and i've sold a few offline as well. And they're STILL a pleasure to make despite the fact that they're pretty much ALL i make right now. Order yours today and it will arrive within two weeks from wherever i happen to be at the time (today's necklace is being created on beautiful Bodega Bay in Sonoma County, california).

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