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Sunday, February 3, 2008

In the rainy northwest, thinking of the dry southwestern desert...

Oregonians pride themselves on "loving the rain" here (definitely a "love it or leave it" mentality!) but, for those of us who haven't grown up in it, the winters here can be a little bit difficult sometimes.

Makes me long for the desert, like these earrings, which feature horn, moonstone, turquoise and sterling silver. It takes little more for my own personal visions to fill in with cacti, joshua trees and rattlers, and the color of the horn brings to mind the best shade of worn-in cowboy boot.

Ahhhh... when people tell you to "put it where the sun don't shine" I never expected that they meant to take it to Portland, Oregon. Pretty as this city is after months of rain, it sure is work to get there.

I guess it explains why there ARE at least three yarn shops in every quadrant of this city. We need to hold onto those warm soft things, I guess. And, since there is, apparently, room for even more, here's our newest addition, Yarnia - a unique concept, at least here in Portland, where you design your own yarns by mixing and plying - and then take it home by the pound.

I was planning on making this a Sunday afternoon field trip. I just looked outside tho, and it's hailing. I should probably be spending that money I don't have on a yoga class instead, but since I can't really afford either one right now, here's a handy Sun Salutation reference I "stumbled upon" this morning.

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