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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sign up for My Newsletter and Win

I have decided to start up an e-mail newsletter for my shop. The newsletter will come out some time near each of the neo-pagan holidays, and will feature herbal magic tidbits for the holiday, shop news, special offers, and occasional free prizes for subscribers only.

Subscribers will also get first dibs on special seasonal items.

AND, if you sign up by this Friday, July 11, I will put your name in the hat to win a free hanging copper goddess like the one to the left. Only you get to choose the bead color!

Interested? Contact me on Etsy with your e-mail address by midnight Etsy Standard Time (Eastern Time) on Friday, July 11, and you'll be added to the list and entered in the drawing!

1 comment:

Purple Dream said...

I would love to learn more about herbs! And I have always LOVED greenfingers copper goddesses! I am gonna sign up for sure!