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Monday, September 29, 2008

Symbolism of the Sacred - The Spiral

Exploring the sacred meaning of symbols and imagery with beautiful and inspiring examples from members of the EarthPath Artisans Street Team.

The Spiral:
The spiral is one of the most widespread shapes and energetic movements in nature. Spirals can be found in the design of galaxies, the unfurling of embryos, the cochlea of the ear and in the tiny curling tendrils of some plants. It is no wonder that it is such a powerful symbol all over the world for regeneration, transformation and birth.
The spiral is symbolic of the Great Mother. As it ascends upward it transforms matter into spirit and as it descends downward spirit is materialized into matter. The Latin word for mother is mater and gave rise to the word matter. The spiral represents the Great Mother's generative powers to bring life into being through transformation.

This Spiral Healing Hand pendant comes from the shop of Spiritmama. The design on this bamboo pendant has been lazer carved by Lisa Coltman of SunFusion.biz. This native American glyph represents the healing hand or the power of regeneration.

This Wild Heart of Earth amulet pouch has been made by Greenfingers out of the wool of local Oregon sheep and alpaca. A soft and gentle spiral rests within this small magical pouch. Perfect for holding a crystal or other sacred object.

For more beautiful spiral inspired creations search using the words' east team spiral' on Etsy.com.

This feature has been prepared for you by Morgen of Inkyspider Textile Designs and Kootsac re-usable bulk food bags.


SpiritMama said...

What a beautiful article! I love spirals. Thanks for showing my spiral healing hand.

Waxela (wa-shay-la)

Tracyw. said...

Thanks for that thoughtful post and showing these beautiful items!

Sunfire said...

Another spiral or 2:
Dark Sky Spiral Sun
Spiral Sun

Great article with interesting information about spirals. They are so much fun to make and/or work with.

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