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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pagan/Zodiac Buttons for Sale!

I made these 1.25 inch buttons for a store in North Carolina and then picked them up before we moved so I could try to move the rest of them along. (They weren't doing well there, despite that I think they came out cute!) So I decided finally to get pictures of them and offer them up. What you see is all of what I have left, I don't have any more of these and I can't make more. They're $1.50 each and $2 for shipping (up to 6 of them for that shipping cost). You can e-mail me at liz@oap-studios.com, put "button order" in the subject and tell me which buttons you're interested in. I'll send you a Paypal Invoice and then ship your order once paid!

Here's some closer pictures of the buttons.


Celtic Crossing said...

These are wonderful Liz!

viral blog said...

These are awesome!!