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Friday, October 12, 2007


I have taken the day off to raid the Rock and Gem Faire. I am that much of a nut, yes.

I'm so excited about it! I've been saving since April, and now I get to go and hopefully find a bunch of things I simply cannot live without (snark, snark). I'm hoping for some iolite and kyanite especially, since online stores seem to carry only chips, spikes, and unappealingly-colored beads. Either that or they're $130 a strand, and that's just not in my budget.

Other things I'll be specifically looking for:
Carved stone beads
Amethyst (it sells like mad for me)
Carnelian (ditto)
Red tiger eye
Tourmalated quartz

I'm sure I'll return with an armload of amazingly gorgeous specimens. I'll play with my lightbox and see if I can get nice pictures of them (it's dark and raining outside).

In other news, my mature content earrings have 911 views! They'll be my first item to hit 1,000 if nothing goes wrong with the view counters! :D

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